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Benefits of Collagen: A Vital Protein for Healthy Skin and Joints

What is Collagen? The benefits of collagen are significant given that it is your body’s most abundant and major structural protein accounting for about one-third of the total protein and three-quarters of the dry weight of skin in humans. The word comes from the Greek, “kólla,” meaning, glue. Collagen literally acts like glue to provide

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Whey, Plant, or Bone Broth Protein Powders: Which Supplement Is Best for Me?

Protein is Essential “Protein” comes from the Greek word meaning first or primary. That makes sense considering that every cell in your body requires this macronutrient. “Protein provides the building blocks for hormones and neurotransmitters and antibodies, not to mention being necessary for strong muscles and bones,” says Jonny Bowden, PhD, in The 150 Healthiest

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